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How Are We Different?
We Help You Find More Money To Save

All of us have 24hrs, but some people seem to be doing more in the same 24hrs than others. Similarly, we can do more with our money too. And We help you find that extra money

We Help You Prioritize

We understand that income and financial resources are limited and there will always be constraints. We help you prioritize so that you can deploy your limited financial resources in ways to derive maximum impact

We Help You Get Focussed

Success in life is all about focus.We will get you focussed on one single, most powerful financial goal, which is GROWING YOUR NETWORTH. With this focus, you don’t have to wait for years to see the results. You will see the results in as low as 6 months.


We are India’s select few Fee-only Financial Planners recognized by SEBI (Registration Number INA000007216).

Our fee structure is attractive and simple


An IIM Alumni Venture with collective experience of over 200 person years in Financial Domain. We have helped 20000+ salaried professionals take informed financial decisions in the last 4 years.

Our Videos
 Vinaya, CMS, MumbaiKishor, Infosys, PunePrachi, Home Maker, India
Before we signed up there always used to be some kind of stress on the cash flows. Now in the last year, we have increased our savings and savings are balanced between long term and short term, so the cash flow pressure has reduced very much.
Vinaya, CMS, Mumbai
32 years
Dyota Solutions approach helped me to consolidate my investments, automate and really see how my wealth is growing. Now I don’t spend any time at all in looking into my investments. I believe my Risks in investments have been brought down considerably and also they have ensured that my family is adequately protected in case something happens to me
Kishor, Infosys, Pune
35 years
Guys from Dyota Solution are the best ones for financial Planning. I was struggling to find a way to save for my future and my kid's education. With Dyota pitching in, with similar financial resources they figured out a golden way for my Investment and lifestyle. Now I can continue to live my life style without taking burden of my Investments.
Prachi, Home Maker, India
30 years